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By 100000715657 08 Jun, 2017

Hmmm, not always..

When Winter comes around we start to feel like a change. Something new, something warm, something dark… That’s all good and well but are you committed?


If you are light, dramatically going dark isn’t always the best way to approach your winter change. In fact it can be detrimental to your true colour, the real you that is the Blonde Bombshell.

Before deciding to go Dark think of all the time and maintenance it took for you to go Light, to get to that colour you Love. The Hair Care, The treatments, The LIFTING!


When or if you decide to go dark you must consider this:

To come back from dark you need to lift all over again- but on the quality of hair that was on your ends before you went dark. Depending on your desired results this may involve one session of lifting or two and sometimes maybe three plus. Do you think your Hair can go through it and come out on top? I want to say yes but there is a big chance that it may not be of the same quality as it was before going dark.

Key factors- loss of Length, and Underlying Pigments. Underlying Pigments/ Underlying Tones(link)… Underlying pigments between Dark Hair and Blonde Hair are those Red, Orange and Yellow most blondes cringe over.


But we still want a change right? Here are our recommendations for Blonde Winter Warmers at House of Zion:


House of Zion ROOT STRETCH – A Root Stretch is fading a deeper colour from your roots into your mid lengths, adding depth and dimension to foiled or all over Blondes

House of Zion SEMI PERMANENT – If short period change is what you want a Semi Permanent colour sits on the outer cuticle and fades off over a series of washes.

House of Zion LOW LIGHTS – Low lights are darker coloured foils, another way of adding depth and dimension for foiled Blondes. Tricks of the trade: Request to add Low Lights with your foils and Toning in a darker shade than your usual.

House of Zion STROBING -  Strobing technique is similar to low lights that cover more area and are more striking looking on from a further distance.



HAIR CARE Our recommendations;

Sacha Juan - Intensive Hair Repair Range,

Sacha Juan - Intensive Hair Oil

Keune - Vital Nutrition Range

Keune – Colour Brillianz Range.

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